Dental Sealants in Arlington Heights, IL

Stop tooth decay from happening with one easy solution: dental sealants! Dental sealants can last up to ten years but will need to be checked regularly each time you head to the dentist for a checkup. Your dentist will look at your sealant to make sure it hasn’t chipped off or worn away with time. They can repair any chips that do occur while you’re in the chair by applying additional sealant material.

Dental sealants are used to stop the decay of teeth. Dental sealants can help reduce the risk of tooth decay by around 50%. Dental sealants are most commonly used on the grooves of the back-teeth chewing surfaces where decay most often occurs.

Are Dental Sealants Right for Me?

Dental sealants, however, are necessary for everyone. Our dental team can analyze your needs and let you know if dental sealants are right for you.

Additionally, keep in mind that a dental sealant is by no means an alternative to a dental filling or a solution to a cavity. Dental sealants are used to seal out tooth decay, not seal it in. Dental sealants cannot be used on teeth that have a cavity. Your dentist will carefully inspect your teeth to see where dental sealant could be beneficial to you, and which teeth you may require it on.

In the days immediately following the application of your sealant, you’ll want to be careful about what you eat while the sealants are still conforming to your teeth. Your dentist will be able to provide guidance on the follow-up care of your sealants so that you can maintain the healthiest smile possible.  If you would like to learn more about dental sealants in Arlington Heights, contact Smiles for Kids today.


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